Learning to See

Art takes me everywhere in my brain – through culture, like a rollercoaster, ups/downs/ebbs/flows and jittery parts in between. Culture is ordinary, Raymond Williams said with eloquence. It’s delightfully ordinary, as such the jittery parts are the jolts of extraordinary, the genius behind innovation and novelty. I’m fascinated with the ordinary as it grounds our spirits and allows for the miraculous. There would be no such thing, miraculous – magic, if ordinary did not leave such space for it.

Can you see what I see?

There is abundant opportunity to delicately gift our exhausted site the wonders of ordinary beauty, true beauty, the beauty that inspires your mind and curiousity and sense of self. Beauty holds within itself an infinite amount of seeds – seeds of love, empathy, growth, generosity, curiousity, compassion and wonder. Who are we not to honor this in the way that so inpsires us? What are we doing with our lives if we are not sharing our ideas of beauty so that others may find and thus share theirs?

This isn’t a call to quit your job and dedicate yourself to a flower.
Although, that would be pretty challenging and leaves lots of room for interesting outcomes…

No, this is just a question. This is a provocation.
Do not worry so much about what will happen when you dwell on what fills your soul with joy – beit standing at the waters edge or trying on every piece of clothing in your closet or reading J.R.Tolken 5 times over – do it all, do it with guts and glory and say to yourself:

How can I share this with someone who may need joy, how can I spread the love I find in my beauty so that others may learn to recognize it within themselves?

Can you see what I see?

The opportunties are infinite. The opportunities to experience just the simple gifts of nature – the one thing on this planet that we did not create – magic. Gifts of pure magic.

This is the art around us, this is what I’m learning to see.



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