Art is living stopped for a moment of wonder.

Kenneth G. Mills

I have been in this limbo between studying art and creating art. I feel like I’m stuck in this creative purgatory, where the colors of the world are spinning around me, my eyes ravenously gorging themselves on the feast of beauty. However, my fingers can’t grab hold, I reach and feel nothing. I’m am here, there, in between the aesthetic that is meant to sustain our creative, progressive spiritual selves, but as far away from my understanding of what I am in that space as I can be.

So, I have decided to undertake writing along with my photos on Instagram to maybe create a conert of material that is tangible. I am wrought with a aching sense to grasp, to feel these colors dripping through my fingers, to show the world what beauty is, what it looks like, how it can feel on your skin or as it pumps through your blood and infects your soul, equally softening the heart while simulating the mind. Absurdly as it may sound, I know that is why I’m here on this planet, for evoking feeling as a tangible experience, an active participation in art. A general principal of reciprocity, as it does for you, so you should do for it – whatever it may be.

I’m a yogi. I’m not amazing like the beautiful souls on instagram, however I practice, as daily as I can. I find an art to how my body moves and responds to what I ask graciously of it. I think that’s the point;

Actually it’s the golden rule! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

instead of observing simply the reciprical energy between you and another, observe the energy exchange between you and what you believe to be beautiful. What fills you with some aesthetic pleasure may subliminally inspire a deeper understanding of what fills you with joy, if you give that energy, does it give it back?

If I give my energy to those colors I see, that I’m feasting upon; if I listen instead of grab at, absorb and study instead of desire, will I find what I’m looking for. I wonder, will I find my art?


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