morning, joe

What the world would be like without COFFEE

Who’s to say really? Legends say coffee has been magically energizing the human experience for centuries. If you look around in today’s global social media culture, the exposure coffee has found is only exceeding, maybe due to dipping in its own enchanting potion? Regardless of its means, it has swept through generations in varieties of forms and flavors, never slowing its invigorated industry-like speed past our stoked taste buds.

As story has it, a herd of very high goats were caught eating the red, cherry-like fruit by Kaldi, their shepherd (or goatherd if you will), in the highlands of Ethiopia during the 10th century. Kaldi reporting the circumstance, and new knowledge, to a local monastery was the beginning of coffee’s (I’ll say it) epic journey. The peppy berries spread like the wind, reaching the shores of Arabia where it was first harvested and then wildly traded. Consider, as the 11th century passed and gradually the ones to follow, coffee knowledge catapulted, the industry of trade and even the farming of coffee itself, made incredible headway. Could coffee have been a perpetual, underlying elixir that led our race through a very steady growth out of the dark ages and into enlightenment and industry?

According to the research of Torey Avey, a well-published food writer, “Second only to oil, coffee is the most valuable legally traded commodity in the world.” Forget that we have to fuel our mechanically, automated lives, but we have to fuel our biological selves! Fuel, period, are the two leading goods used by the majority of our global population, and the fuel harvested to stimulate our bodies and brains is simply, coffee; a berry, in it’s true essence. In order to incite knowledge, provoke development (including the creativity in coffee’s forms of delivery), and turn on industry, our human brains have to be on. Coffee turns us on, powers us up. This realization, in-it-of-itself, is fundamental to its power. due to overwhelming popularization of this effect, we find its allure not only from its boost, but from the boost it receives from social media. We want what others want, and we want to be what others aren’t. Socially, humans feel they belong to the community of coffee drinkers, if they are drinking coffee, simultaneously motivated to be special by leading the change in its mode of delivery, coffee shops, addition of sweeteners and dairy products, flavors and styles of cups. All adding unique characteristics to an individual experience that can now be shared with the world in the blink of an eye. In turn seen by fellow drinkers equally as fast. Brain powered, community powered, inevitably global movement and change, powered.

What would the world be like without coffee? Well, there would be a world without coffee, that’s incontestable. However, would we, or I (who happens to be sitting here typing next to my own cup of Joe), even be able to conceive such existence, or see global human progress in such a relatively short amount of time? I think not. The world might be considerably less developed, or even surviving on a more fundamental intelligence. Coffee might be what has not only projected us into creative madness, but has also tirelessly sustained our imaginations and motivations to have more.


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