golden handcuffs

We’ve all been there, functioning day to day in a mundane job that gives you simply a really decent paycheck. For so many that’s enough; money is the ultimate goal, it makes our world go round and the rip tide of bills less traumatizing. Yet, what about for those of us who find overwhelming joy in creative fields, artistic endeavors and that which provides no stable financial support. Who are we to be cursed because the prize of money that comes from the work that gives our souls pure excitement is like looking for a diamond on a sandy beach? Or, in reverse, the lucky ones whom have found passion in the fields that pay out; they do not understand being bound to that which provides their lifestyle. What binds us, we keepers of quiet talents and brave hearts roaring for creating new and different, are the heavy, solid gold handcuffs of fortune.


They are tattered, scratched in deep scabs are the stories of hard work that drains our spirits and wilts our energies. Banged and bruised from so many of the trials and errors that comes with figuring out and pursuing who you are and who you want to be. Inlayed in these handcuffs are the scars of all the attempts to be someone, to fully utilize your remarkable talents and give whole heartedly to your desires, in the end being let down, but your grass is green. Success, as always known by the wise, is a myriad of mistakes, wrong turns, errors and storms, but the handcuffs remain in the back of our mind, like the sweetest candy giving only temporary appeasement. Enslaved to the riches, performing outside of yourself for prosperity of stuff, tiring, exhausting and confining. Haven’t you had enough? Precious shackles are beautiful, sparkling, took you around the world, gave you everything you ever wanted, except peace and freedom. This is the moment where you truly absorb the proverbial saying that money doesn’t buy happiness.


Okay, so money does keep you afloat when it comes to paying for the sick new ride, the cozy townhouse and all the necessary leggings for your unlimited yoga membership…it’s true. These are all happy things, but are you giving out to the world in a true and apotropaic way? It’s easy to receive anything even when chained, however it’s nearly impossible to give yourself to the meaningful things, give your gifts and talents so that others may live better. Herein lies the most important question, are you brave enough to give up the handcuffs and put yourself out there because you know that what you have to give could make a great difference, sacrificing monetary stability temporarily? You know its temporary; everything is temporary. To be courageous, patient and faithful is demanding, scary as hell and the absolute ultimate reward when your time comes, because it will.


And the catch…


Remind yourself not to be ashamed of the in-between, you are not indefinitely indebted to this path of material abundance; it is a mirage that your mind plays. You are an artist, who decided not to starve. Continue to take care of yourself, but this also means to take care of your spirit. You are not actually bound, you are aware of your potential. You will only feel restrained if you do nothing to honor your gift, your desires and your joy. These handcuffs are golden, true to their nature, defined by your pursuits, but they are not locked, there is no key. This is their true opulence, for without the knowledge of their weight and the understanding of the work required, you wouldn’t be able to fully feel the valor of your hopeful and capable spirit.

Mural in Berlin done by artist Blu


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