i am apotropaic

There are countless dictations of the golden rule; the most practiced religions in our world each have had at least one prophet that proclaimed this manifesto of compassion. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. The erudite scholar, Karen Armstrong, who has studied multiple religions and their pedagogy for decades, has developed The Charter for Compassion. This collective of individuals is dedicated to the education and practice of compassion, the most empathetic decree of the animalistic spirit. Consider those who are animists, they relate with the inherent spirit connecting with the sensitive nature of the universe. Simply, putting energy out into the universe that you’d want to receive back. Or, if you will, what you give is what you get, what goes around comes around, and so on. Clearly there is no shortage of imaginative analogies for this altruistic concept, and all say relatively the same thing. What matters the most is what rings true for you and what it means to practice what you believe.


Apotropaic comes from the Greeks, its used to define the powers with which are give divinely in order to avert evil influences, deflect misfortune or bad luck. Apotropaic is a condition of the internal spirit, a spirit that may exist as an ethereal body, once acknowledged possesses this intrinsic aptitude for goodwill. This, if I may, can be reinterpreted as the idea that all humans are good innately, if you so choose to believe such potential. In this case, if we each are fundamentally good, and we do good and put good into this world, then we must be hoping for good in return. Hope is tricky, it is vulnerability, openness and a bare expression of knowing the best is to come, but you cannot see it yet. Hope is not an expectation, but a knowing that it will be, when there may be no evidence to support the wishful outcome. Hope knows that although the outcome may not be what you want, you will be accepting of the changes. Expectation is a set up to resent that in which you believe. If we name and call out to our apotropaic selves to pair up with our good natures and apply these understandings to our critical decisions, we realize that we are more powerful than anyone can imagine.


Full circle. What you put out in the universe you get back. In order for an individual to feel the certainty of this power, this golden rule, they must practice it openly, without expectation, with a release of control on the outcome, with a receiving spirit and focus importantly on the foundation of good, the practice of gratefulness and the belief in the power of empathy. The practice of being apotropaic is the beginning of knowing that you are aware of the influence you’re spirit has on the world around you and that you can, as unique as you are, alter the energies for the better.


The mantra I Am Apotropaic is an exclamation of recognition in the magic and power within your being; a gift given to use fully and generously in order to create a more beautiful space between one another and in all conditions. This space is for those gifts; each propensity, talent, aptitude and skill is a manifestation of this quality. One by one we will acknowledge the artists, writers, makers and seekers of that with which is apotropaic. I Am Apotropaic. I am compassionate, peaceful, patient and strong. I am a force of love and light against the destructive energy in this world.

Yes, you are.


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