A Letter to Menorca

Dear Menorca,   I found you by accident, anxiously searching a map for the magic of [the] locale that would leap from my screen, grab me and say ‘you belong here.’ I love maps, I think it’s because when my sister and I were little our parents would insist on us learning where we were... Continue Reading →

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Learning to See

Art takes me everywhere in my brain - through culture, like a rollercoaster, ups/downs/ebbs/flows and jittery parts in between. Culture is ordinary, Raymond Williams said with eloquence. It's delightfully ordinary, as such the jittery parts are the jolts of extraordinary, the genius behind innovation and novelty. I'm fascinated with the ordinary as it grounds our... Continue Reading →

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“Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?”

Can Graphic Design Save Your Life Wellcome Collection; London   Initially, walking into the Wellcome Collection, it was so intriguing and inviting. Like any advanced science museum or collection, they get you with the large-scale sculptures hanging above your head upon entry, here these were large brass human figures hanging upside down, gazing at you... Continue Reading →

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Art is living stopped for a moment of wonder. Kenneth G. Mills I have been in this limbo between studying art and creating art. I feel like I'm stuck in this creative purgatory, where the colors of the world are spinning around me, my eyes ravenously gorging themselves on the feast of beauty. However, my... Continue Reading →

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La Morena’s art and activism stems from a place of intuitive absolution, an acutely imperative and urgent female super power she believes all women possess innately. From this intrinsic perspective, she is able to tap into a spiritual will for change that demands action and requires actualization in which to manifest a global criticism of... Continue Reading →

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permaneō // art i am

I [actively] endure. The latin verb of permanence. The root of devotion and survival. It's a commitment, an honor to oneself, a statement of certainty. Not just an I Will, but a whole spirited, I Am. Permaneō resonates with an anima, any one thing can identify with a self, if it is so given. And... Continue Reading →

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i am apotropaic

There are countless dictations of the golden rule; the most practiced religions in our world each have had at least one prophet that proclaimed this manifesto of compassion. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. The erudite scholar, Karen Armstrong, who has studied multiple religions and their pedagogy for decades, has... Continue Reading →

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morning, joe

What the world would be like without COFFEE... Who’s to say really? Legends say coffee has been magically energizing the human experience for centuries. If you look around in today’s global social media culture, the exposure coffee has found is only exceeding, maybe due to dipping in its own enchanting potion? Regardless of its means,... Continue Reading →

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